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As the youngest Senior Manager at Sony Music UK, I have proven that I am capable of producing content that engages audiences and drives recognition for music artists. Liaising closely with marketing teams, agencies, as well as artists and managers, I have built relationships and skills which have allowed me to thrive within a high pressure, deadline driven environment.


With over 4 years’ experience in producing music content for a variety of labels within Sony Music UK and Warner Music UK along with TV channels such as Channel 4, BBC One, and Sky One, I have a proven track record of understanding audiences, production processes, and engaging with users in order to deliver high quality content in line with common business objectives and company goals.

As well as being a football, F1, baking, music, and dog enthusiast, I am ​currently the Senior Production Manager at 4th Floor Creative, Sony Music UK's in-house creative agency. Previously, a Producer at The Firepit, Warner Music UK.

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